Review by Americana Music Show

Calvin Powers from the Americana Music Show gives a really nice review to Goin’ In Hot:

On Goin’ In Hot, Moot Davis adds a few rhinestones to his suit-and-tie country music sound with lots of well timed word play, honky tonk shuffles, and smoky electric guitars. There’s strains of Rolling-Stones-covering-the-blues on tracks like “Walk Alone”  ”Ragman’s Roll,” and “Midnight Train,” but Moot Davis’ ten-mile-drawl keeps it all firmly in country rock territory.  I’m also into Love Hangover which sounds like something Elvis Costello or Lyle Lovett could have written. There’s some pure honky tonk on numbers like the title track and “Food Stamps.”

He’s also added “Walk Alone,” “Midnight Train,” “Love Hangover,” and “Ragman’s Roll” to his show’s rotation.  Check it out: