Five star review from Roughstock

Stormy Lewis at really dug Goin’ In Hot…so much so he gave it a five stars!  Here’s an excerpt from his sparkling review:

The debate over the future of country music often comes down to one between tradition and evolution. Goin’ in Hot is the kind of album that blows such debates out of the water.  Davis easily fuses rock, blues, soul and country into a sound that is at once modern and traditional.  It’s easy to compare Davis to traditional artists like Hank Williams or Merle Haggard, but, in spirit, he brings to mind Roger Miller. He is the kind of artist who takes in the music of his era and turns it out in a slice of country that is all his own, the kind of writer who can pen songs that run the gamut from the absurdly funny to the heartbreakingly poignant.  Goin’ in Hot is his most personal and brilliant album to date.

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