Hey folks, here’s part two of my interview with Jefferson McDonald! Also the new album “Hierarchy of Crows” is now available for pre-order on iTunes, check it out:



In episode 11, Moot talks with actor, musician, ship mate and friend, Jefferson McDonald, who currently portrays the “Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis in their production. They discuss Jefferson’s roots, his unique upbringing, and artistic endeavors.

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See Jefferson’s sister, Rebecca Colleen and late father, Peter McDonald performing together on stage:



Moot gives a look inside the making of Goin’ In Hot in a new review by Stephen Rapid at Lonesome Highway.  Here’s an excerpt:

 When I sit down and work with the guitar, I never know what’s going to come out. I mean, it’s kind of like a channel and if it works that day, you’re an open channel and I’m receiving some sort information from somewhere and whether that’s going to be country or roadhouse rocker or whatever, I really don’t know. And I try not to ask too many questions about it, I just try to dial  in the cosmic radio, to get the right frequency you know? 

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Chris Parton from CMT Edge gives a great review of Goin’ In Hot.

The first thing you hear in Moot Davis’ “Goin’ in Hot” is a twangy, cowpunkish guitar lead that jumps right out of the speakers. An instant later, it’s joined by a throaty horn section.

It’s the perfect combination of the musician’s New Jersey roots and his honky-tonk fascination. Written on the heels of bad breakup, Davis lets it all hang out. Time to get back on the horse.

Read the rest at http://www.cmtedge.com/2014/04/02/moot-davis-is-ready-to-rebound-in-goin-in-hot/

Once I found Hank Williams, it all sort of made sense to me…” Read more: http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/744851_Moot-Davis-found-himself-in-the-honky-tonk-spirit.html

Moot and band will be appearing with special guests The Saddletones Friday Sep 28 at the Ephrata Main Theatre as part of the Ephrata Fair activities.  The show is being taped for release as a live EP in early 2013.

Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

On episode 90 of the Taproot Music Show, Moot Davis talks about why he had to go to New Zealand to start work on his new album, Man About Town; why he’s a suit and tie kind of country singer; and the importance of being in control of your own destiny.