MootpointPodcastlogoimg_0007In part two of Moot’s interview with Bill Corvino, they discuss playing guitar clean and sober, Bill’s take on meeting Moot for the first time, Bill giving Moot an F in the “Basic Guitar” course Bill was teaching, Pete Anderson’s influence on Bill, Moot and Bill forming a band together, working up original songs, initial touring and family life.

MootpointPodcastlogoBill CorvinoIn Episode 7, Moot interviews his longtime guitarist and friend, Bill Corvino. They talk about Bill’s early years, his introduction to music, graduating valedictorian, overcoming fears of performing and working with guitar hero, Kenny Vaughan during the recording of the “Goin’In Hot” album.

Henry Carrigan from has a lot of good things to say about Goin’ In Hot

…if Keith Richards, Raul Malo and Dwight Yoakam had a love child, it would be Moot Davis. Davis delivers an album that might better have titled “Goin’ in Scorching.” Corvino’s and Vaughan’s guitars, combined with Davis’s searing lyrics and his blistering voice, burn down every roadhouse in sight.

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Moot Davis and The Good Americans were up in Boston last Saturday to film a performance for The Alternate Root‘s TV show,  The Extended Play Session.  The boys were on fire and tore it up!  Among the audience was blogger Suze Uttal, who captured the real feel of what we have going on in both words and a lot of great photos.

I was not at all familiar with Moot before this show but I do enjoy country twang so I went to this Session. Not only was I not disappointed, I loved this show!  I suggest that people who think they don’t like country music should listen to Moot; he might change your minds.

Man, Frank De Blase from the Rochester City Paper really gets it, one of the better short descriptions of what Moot and the boys got going on:

This is some red-hot, in your face, ants in your pants, longneck in your hand, sweetheart in your arms barroom boogie. New Jersey-born Moot Davis’ twang and croon calls to mind the country revolution that resuscitated and rescued country music from the Nashvegas vampires. Though the music displays plenty of rural, rocking giddy-up and go, at the heart of it all is an honest countrypolitan crooner who embraces the Keef Riffhard 5-string, open G approach to the guitar. That’s right, there’s some rock in there, baby.

Moot gives a look inside the making of Goin’ In Hot in a new review by Stephen Rapid at Lonesome Highway.  Here’s an excerpt:

 When I sit down and work with the guitar, I never know what’s going to come out. I mean, it’s kind of like a channel and if it works that day, you’re an open channel and I’m receiving some sort information from somewhere and whether that’s going to be country or roadhouse rocker or whatever, I really don’t know. And I try not to ask too many questions about it, I just try to dial  in the cosmic radio, to get the right frequency you know? 

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Another nice review, this one from Lee Zimmerman at No Depression

Like the Mavericks’ Raul Malo, Moot Davis is an old school singer, a man who makes his music from both a selective and cerebral point of view.  Consequently, the songs included on this, his latest opus, find him emoting in a way that brings to mind the great country crooners so prevalent back in the day — iconic artists like Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Charlie Pride, Porter Waggoner et. al. Aside from his singing, Davis is also a terrific tunesmith, a fact evident on every one of these track without exception. While most of the songs are the kind of lovelorn ballads that demand an ample infusion of tears in a beer, there are enough uptempo tunes — “Midnight Train,” “Love Hangover,” “Ragman’s Roll,” “Lights” and the like — to ensure that Davis evades any lingering effects of moodiness and melancholia. Credit producer Kenny Vaughan for imbuing the ambiance and guitarist Bill Corvino for adding exhilaration. This is a stunning set from beginning to end.

Goin’ In Hot’s title song has been chosen as the KDHX song of the day!

Produced by Kenny Vaughan, “Goin’ in Hot” comes exactly as advertised: a smoking rhythm and horn section fans the flames of the hardcore county sound for which Moot Davis is so well revered.

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Steve Rapid of Lonesome Highway provides a fantastic review of Goin’ In Hot.  Here’s an excerpt:

…there is a healthy exploration of the real heart of country music out on the fringes in the independent sector and there’s where you need to look to find the music that makes you realise why you like this stuff in the first place. It’s not strictly retro rather it’s a living, breathing and feeling form that the powers-that-be have tried to kill. Well it appears that they haven’t succeeded!

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