Just saw that every musician’s favorite song streaming site SoundCloud.com just scored major funding. The whole Moot Davis team loves the service they provide, so we’re happy they got some dough to keep the lights on and the bits flying.

Check out the story at Billboard.com

Home sweet home.  I love Nashville but driving there and back can be taxing to say the least.  So it’s nice to have a few local gigs here in New Jersey.  And looking forward to hitting it with the Northeast band, this group is tight!  Hope to see you out this weekend.

Shamba lamba

Oh Nashville, how we’ve missed you!  Moot and Mad Dog will be tear assing down Rte 81 through the night to play our favorite gig on Broadway, Layla’s Bluegrass Inn.  Looking forward to getting back to Music City.

The new album “Man About Town” is now for sale!  We have a limited amount of pre-release copies just in time for Christmas, put one of these bad boys under the tree.  Check the Buy Now link over there on the right.

So glad to be headed back to Nashville this weekend.  The last set of gigs went great, so much that Layla’s Bluegrass Inn asked us back as soon as we could get there.  Happy to say that we’ll be performing on Saturday, Nov 5th from 4-8.

We’re all looking forward to getting back down to our favorite adopted city, see y’all on Saturday night!